Five good reasons to shop at the market

If it is primarily a matter of habit for fans of this mode of consumption, shopping at the market can be beneficial in many ways. Moral, budget, personal culture or to take a closer look indeed, this weekly meeting, or more casual, influences more than the content of the refrigerator. You doubt it? Here are five good reasons to enjoy the outdoor stalls of Ambedkar Nagar shopping market as soon as the opportunity arises.

  1. To be dulled by taking full eyes and nostrils

It may seem trivial, but going to the market, whether covered or full wind, is above all take a breath of air: iodized, spicy or greedy at the option of the aisles. It is also often enjoy a moment of relaxation or otherwise less oppressive than the rays of a large area in the middle of caddies pressed. Or when walking from stall in stall to fill his basket of provisions is akin to a full ride. This is especially true for the lucky ones who can walk there.

  1. Consume at the rhythm of the seasons

Every fruit and vegetable has its calendar. Unlike supermarkets, where, to satisfy consumer demand, you find almost everything and, whatever the time of year, the market, it is expected to live to the rhythm of the seasons. This is normally true on the stalls. Neither nectarine nor strawberry in December, no clementine in August so the products on sale at times when they are not supposed to grow and to do this imported from far away, grown under greenhouses or fed d chemical fertilizers.

  1. Eat better and cooler

Whether from organic farming or not, the foods found on the markets are often considered to have more taste, and to have a higher nutritional density. This can be explained by the fact that part of them escapes, thanks to short circuits, long transport and poor storage conditions. Two parameters that, added to a crop on a rich soil, and a harvest at maturity, can actually bring benefits in terms of taste and nutrition. In addition, the fact of buying its products at the market encourages cooking and thus makes it possible to escape the temptation of the prepared industrial dishes.

  1. Know what’s on your plate

Where were these eggs laid? When were these vegetables harvested? How this was chicken fed? Are these products from organic farming? Small producers who sell directly in the markets are the best ones to talk about it.

  1. Amazing your taste buds

Going to the market can also be a great way to surprise your taste buds. Among exhibitors’ stalls, the diversity is often such that it is not uncommon to make discoveries. And what better to be tempted by products of the season, region or the world, rare or sometimes unknown, than to benefit from the explanations of the producer in person.

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